Disco Dance Floor

2006-04-29 - [ link ]

The Disco Dance Floor application is based off source code from Scott Torborg and MIT. It is written in c# and is a combination of both hardware and software.


v0.0.0.5 ( c# - Executable Application )
v0.0.0.4 ( c# - Executable Application )
v0.0.0.3 ( c# - Executable Application )
v0.0.0.2 ( c# - Executable Application )
v0.0.0.1 ( c# - Executable Application )


2007-05-24 - [ link ]

This is the application that powers drunktender. Drunktender is an automated bartender system that uses electrical relays that are connected via USB to turn on and off solenoid valves and air pumps to dispense the liquid. It also uses RFID to power the login screen. The solution has multiple helper applications also. Version One uses relay boards by National Control Devices. It is written in c# and SQL.


v1.0 ( c# - SQL - Executable Application )

Delayed Startup

2007-10-29 - [ link ]

This is a little program that, in theory, would help a computer boot up faster. My theory is most of the programs in your startup folder aren't actually needed asap. I don't need OneNote open right away, I don't need a bunch of other stuff right away. The nice thing is now I can have Visual Studio, Outlook, IE, and a few other programs I run everyday not impact me restarting my computer's bootup time since they'll do a gradual loading sequence. I wrote this since I could reboot my computer and have it up and running and beat my manager's laptop which had was restarted about 5 minutes before and still wasn't fully up and running due to the amount of programs he had post loading.


v1.0 ( c# - Executable Application )

Vista Battery Saver

2007-05-11 - [ link ]

This little application attempts to help save some battery life on Windows Vista. It does this by detecting when your computer enters battery mode then disables Aero.


v1.0.0.1 ( c# - Executable Application )
v1.0.0.0 ( c# - Executable Application )

Silverlight Video Puzzle

2008-01-06 - [ link ]

Using Silverlight 1.1 September Refresh, I attempted to do a poor recreation of the Microsoft Surface video puzzle. You can rotate and translate each video block along with dynamically change the amount of blocks on the screen. There are 2 XAML files, the primary canvas and what I called the "videoblock". The videoblock element is added dynamically depending on what the sliders are set to. It uses a delegate to set the active element.


v2.0 ( c# - Website Application )
v1.0 ( c# - VB - Website Application )

Live and Google Search Results

2007-10-27 - [ link ]

This website provides a dual search-engine result set from both Google and Microsoft's Live search on the same page. It uses Google's Ajax Search calls and Live's web service API. It is written in c# and uses ASP.Net Ajax.


v2.0 ( c# - Website Application )
v1.0 ( c# - Website Application )

Code Portfolio

2007-02-20 - [ link ]

This is the source code that powers Peace Love Code. It uses the Yahoo User Interface GUI CSS along with a user control to create each code element. It is written in c#.


v2.0 ( c# - vb - Website Application )
v1.0 ( c# - Website Application )

SubText 1.9.5 Tweaks

2007-11-02 - [ link ]

Since I ported my website from Wordpress, I had to add in support for all the old links. This required a few files to be modified. In addition, I modified 2 files for the User Interface. I made the enter fire off the search along with shift the order of the single column.


( c# - Website Application )

Subtext Skin for Better Than Everyone

2007-12-24 - [ link ]

The skin I use for my blog. Based off Andy Konkol's skin which is based off the Naked skin in SubText.


v1.0 ( html - Website Application )

Visual Studio Cleanup

2007-05-26 - [ link ]

This little application cleans up a solution folder. It creates a backup and uses regular expressions to match folder and files that "offend" me when I give stuff out. These files are SVN files, resharper, obj, bin directories. It is written in c#.


v1.0.0.1 ( c# - Executable Application )